Yvrantz Celestin

Yvrantz Celestin started her career in 2008 in the financial sector providing community-based lending for a variety of programs like bill consolidation, debt refinancing and many others. In the past two years, Yvrantz switched her focus to the nonprofit sector concentrating on the student loan industry. Currently, she works as a Financial Education Administration Specialist at American Student Assistance. She provides various research, analytics, and reporting on clients, competitor intel and market research. Yvrantz, also, assists in many other activities like survey management, proposal and contract management, WebEx training registrations and coordination of school visits between Campus Activation Consultants and Client Managers. One of her passions has been mentoring. Yvrantz has spent the last 16 years providing mentoring to at-risk youth, fundraising and volunteering for numerous community organizations like using her fluent language skills in French-Creole to help impact the Haitian community in Boston, Massachusetts This all led her to start her own nonprofit organization called “I Am Chosen.” Her goal for I Am Chosen is to encourage youth to express themselves through art. She believes that every child has a voice that should be heard. Every talent should be explored and lastly every dream can come to fruition. In addition to her passions, she is currently completing her degree at New England College of Business and Finance.